1. Faith and belief sound nice, but are irrelevant. I could believe I’ll sell a million Flying Spaghetti Monster bumper stickers with all the faith I can muster, but without the right tools, preparation and research I’ll fail.

2) Investment in education is deceptive. You don’t need to invest anything but your focus. The information is flying all around us. Learning it is free. Isolating the quality information is challenging, and applying it is something else entirely. Newbies cannot be expected to understand this intuitively.

3) Choosing a niche is nice, but it is an advanced concept. The abuse of this concept is what leads so many people down the road to oblivion.

When you are new to business you don’t need niche research. You need to identify problems you can solve for other human beings, and sell them those solutions.

Finding a niche you know nothing about exacerbates the problem of too many crappy web businesses selling crappy products out there.

4) Giving up early can be a good thing. When something isn’t working, you need to identify it, analyze what went wrong, and if necessary, cut your losses.

Knowing when to fold it up is a learned skill, and newbies are not going to have the experience or judgment to recognize when it is the best solution.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but it is generic, vague rah rah posts like this that make so many people think they can do this when they are ill equipped to run a business — any kind of business.

The people going up in flames all around us every day are a testament to that.

Let me put it another way… anyone can read this post, check off all the boxes, put a sincere effort into it following every happy thought, and still most will fail.

Want to know why so many people fail online?

Because they are led to believe there is a vast market for mediocrity out there, and they feel they can serve that market without any of the tools a real business owner with skin in the game would be forced to utilize.



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