How To Write a Viral Story In 2021

This is how to write a story that can generate more views per month.

I have always thought of writing short stories which go viral but it’s something that requires more time and dedication.

Sometimes we get caught up with time and never get to prepare a story the way it’s supposed to be.

We either end up publishing a badly written story or go and create a shot-form article.

The short form can easily get you to the top.

But how about we look into better performance, without short-form?

You expect better performance right? If it’s so, then with these tips, we shall write better-performing stories.

Writing a better story isn’t easy because it takes more time, effort, and energy.

However, you can try to make it short, precise, and resonate. In most cases, I write less than 500 words.

To write a story that will generate a lot of views, pay attention to SEO.

I bet you won’t have to regret the time you invested in it.

You Need That “SEO” | I Want Better Performance

Why do we need SEO anyway? I need “SEO” at my fingertips. You need it too- probably, everyone with content whether on…

I have always tried my best to work around this animal called Search Engine Optimization simply by using strategic key phrases and I see positivity in it.

To be honest, all of my curated stories have been distributed because they had strategic keywords.

Based on the reader’s history, those without strategic / the appropriate — keywords have never performed well following.

You can spend more time researching these keywords but when you’re sure of success.

What to do

There are two things involved.

It’s either you write on a specific topic, category, or you write based on your general experiences.

Writing on specific topics makes SEO easier for writers because they may only do keyword research once and for all unlike those who write just about anything.

When you have strategic keywords, you’ll be able to device away from fixing them in your story.

Usually, Google search engines take the first two to three sentences of your piece.

Depending on how long they are, about 156 characters are required so, if your sentences seem long, Google might only consider the first two.

To make SEO more effective, have at least five keywords within the first paragraph of the story. And about two or three in the headline.

At this point, you’re looking at generating more reads and views.

Tags may also come in. As it’s obvious tags have to be added when publishing a story, they can also be included in the body of the story.

While drafting a story, there are those tags that automatically fit in it so, consider seeing if any can fall somewhere in the draft.



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