If I see you in my neighborhood I’m going to shoot you

If you’ve read the book “Relentless” by Tim Grover (… Michael Jordan’s personal trainer for 15 years)

There’s a part where he quotes what MJ told him after he finally retired from Basketball…

“If I ever see you in my neighbourhood again, I’m going to shoot you…”

Lol, as you might guess…

MJ didn’t mean it literally

But to help you understand why he said that

Here’s a little factoid for ya:

Tim Grover is easily the world’s number #1 sports performance coach/trainer…

He’s very famous for his No B.S approach

Plus, he doesn’t just train you

He turns you into a champion

He’s the guy who trained MJ, Kobe, Dwayne Wade

Champions, all of ‘em.

See what MJ says about Grover at the back of the book:

“I consider him to be second to none in his knowledge of sports training, and he was an invaluable part of my training program …”

And herein lies the point of this email:

To become the best you can ever be (at what you do)

You’re going to need a No B.S ass-kicker in your corner

Someone who doesn’t just force you to level up…

But also brings out the best in you

Helps you stay focused on the big picture

Cares more about your “growth” than “your feelings or emotions”

And as a result…

“Forces you” you achieve incredible things you never would have thought possible for yourself.

Much so that on the day you eventually choose to retire, You can look them in the eye, and crack a joke to the effect of…

“If I ever see you in my neighbourhood again, I’m going to shoot you…”

Because you alone know how much of an important role they played in pushing you beyond limiting beliefs

If you don’t have one yet…

Keep looking.

When you find them, you’ll know

In the mean time…

Here’s one way to keep your focus…

Helps to always remind yourself why you started

Family issues?

People saying you’d never amount to anything?

Fear of never having enough money?

Desire to do XYZ for yourself?

Something else?

Whatever it is … what I’ve learned is:

This frequent “WHY you started”question … is often a very effective way to keep yourself focused on the big picture.

Especially on days when you encounter bumps on the way

Probably not the most effective …

But it’s worked for me many times…

Hopefully, it comes in handy whenever you need it.

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