Let me tell you the story of Mr A who stays in Lagos.

He drives a nice Toyota Avalon 2010 model.

The car is smooth, accelerates well, low fuel consumption & gives zero mechanical problems.

Then Mr A gets to know that there is a brand new Mercedes-AMG GT 63, 2021 model somewhere in Taraba state.

If he can get to Taraba in the next 72 hours, he stands the chance of finding the car key hidden somewhere in Jalingo before someone else and become the owner of this shiny new Benz.

So, Mr A sells his Avalon quick for shikini money & jumps on a private jet to get to Jos.

From Jos, he gets a car to Jalingo.

Now he is in Jalingo. He realizes he doesn’t even have a map to this city.

So, he starts to figure out the city so he can find the key to this 2021 AMG GT 63.

By the time, he eventually gets a fair understanding of the city…the 72 hours has elapsed.

And a guy, who lives & works in Jalingo already found the key and won the car.

Now, Mr A is frustrated.

His Avalon is gone.

And he doesn’t have the AMG.

He only has N301,000 remaining from the money he got for the Avalon.

And that money can’t even buy a grade 6 Nigerian used Kia Rio.

On his way back to Lagos in a public bus, his reasoning starts to get back to him.

Why did he sell his very good car to pursue something else in a city he didn’t really know anything about?

How will he explain this to his wife?

The story above is a parable.

Pursuing something better is not a bad thing.

In fact, you must always be pursuing something better.

But when trying to do so, let Wisdom to guide you.

No matter how guaranteed a business opportunity looks..

It is always 50–50.

Don’t abandon something that is working just yet or even at all.

Every new adventure has its own challenges and tests.

If the new opportunity doesn’t work, you will have something to fall back on.

Have a plan.

And don’t be foolish.




I’ll take you to greatness-affiliate marketer-self development https://askedwardeni.com.ng

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I’ll take you to greatness-affiliate marketer-self development https://askedwardeni.com.ng

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