Real life example of “boring stuff = huge wins”

I’ll use this example not just because it’s true…

But because the moral of the story…

Is something you can apply to anything in life.

We begin:

When Florentino Perez took over as Real Madrid president in June 2009…

The Los Blancos had not reached the Champions League final since Zidane won them the trophy in 2002.

They’d become a laughing stock.

And very few people took the club seriously.

So when Perez resumed duties as president in ‘09…

He had one clear goal:

Bring the trophy back to the Bernabeu…

And DOMINATE Europe again.

Just like the club did in the 50s and 60s…

When they won the UCL 5 times in 9 years.

It took 7 years to make it happen.

They kept doing same boring stuff over and over…

At some point, fans even started booing players…

But when they finally won the UCL again in 2014…

They went on to win the trophy 5 times in 9 years.

Before you call it luck, consider this:

Between 2009 (when Perez became president)…

And 2014 (when Madrid won the UCL again)…

Billions of dollars were spent on marquee signings, infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, etc.

So as far as investments go…

They went ALL-IN.

That’s one.


Perez never took his eyes off the ultimate goal.

Literally everyone in the club knew what the goal was:

We’ll just keep doing the boring stuff consistently until we can absolutely DOMINATE Europe again.

Boring being, stuff most clubs won’t do.

It took 7 years, but the goal was achieved.

And it’s a refreshing reminder that when you do the right boring stuff consistently…

You will always achieve your goals.

In most cases, far beyond your expectations.

Here’s one way this applies to real life.

If you’re a freelance copywriter looking to land bigger clients or scale your income consistently…

One way to put the odds in your favour would be to:

Read great copy consistently

Write new copy consistently (always trying to improve the quality of your copy)…

Get quality feedback consistently

Pitch the right clients consistently, with custom samples relevant to what they need right now

Follow up consistently

Consistently invest in learning from savvy folks ahead of you (mentoring, coaching, events, etc)

Keep your fingers on the pulse of the industry, know what’s happening now… and very importantly… what’s likely coming next… this way, you can easily position yourself to harness new opportunities…

OVERDELIVER for clients (put in too much)

Always find ways to increase your value to clients

And so on.

Too basic?

Too boring?


That’s why many copywriters won’t do it.

See why 99% don’t go far?

ALL the successful copywriters I know did all that stuff above, even if there was no instant gratification.

You may not strike gold overnight…

But if you keep doing the right stuff consistently…

HUGE wins are guaranteed.

Not a matter of if, but when.

And when it comes…

The rewards usually exceed your expectations.



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