The real market crash is coming… this is a dead cat bounce. here’s why it simply cannot, not happen. Binance and Tether are the reason.

I think the crypto market is in a dead cat bounce. We haven’t seen the bottom just yet. The dead cat bounce is just a classic technical pattern markets often go thru during a crash. If you look at any market crash they usually fall over, bounce with a bull trap, and then the real crash takes place. It may not I’m not saying it will. But it’s not just the technical pattern reason. That’s not what’s on my mind. The whole market is set up for a titanic crash. Absolutely!

This crash won’t be caused by Bitcoin, although Bitcoin’s price has been manipulated to the heights it reached. More on that later. There are other factors. Sure Bitcoin pulls the whole market up and back down with it but Bitcoin is not the main reason for what’s about to take place which is a second round of falls.

The Binance group of exchanges, collectively the largest exchange volume by a mile, and Tether, which is the largest stable coin, are not what they seem. Binance and Tether and being investigated for bank fraud and straight out theft. The CEO’s are criminals. Both Binance and Tether are corrupt. This is plain old organised crime, but on a huge scale.

The Binance CEO has bailed out after the worlds largest collection of crypto trading exchanges by volume, has been banned from a dozen countries. There will be more. The CEO Changpeng Zhao, is under investigation for bank fraud. Tethers Paolo Aldoino is also under investigation for bank fraud and it seems obvious that the entire Tether model is a fraud, in fact the largest fraud in history.

Tether the company, claims that every Tether is backed by one US dollar but there is no evidence they have been buying dollars. They haven’t bought any from Wall st which is the largest dollar market, and when pressed on the subject, Aldoino and his lawyer evade questions and refuse to disclose who it is they are buying dollars from. Not only that, the CEO seems to be an enigma, as are the staff. It’s possible that Aldonino has been running the whole operation from his laptop in hotel rooms. The whole Tether thing is a con, smoke and mirrors, a fraud on a massive scale. How massive? Try 60 billion.

So two of the biggest players in the crypto industry, are crooks. When Tether falls over, and it will, I believe the whole market could collapse. If and when Binance falters too, then the entire crypto industry could flat line. It seems that some of the survivors of the first crypto crash in 2018, are just better thought up con artists.

Cryptocurrencies are a new beast, and the same as the dot com boom and following crash, the real story doesn’t become apparent until after the explosion has occurred. Billions of dollars was scammed during the great ICO swindle of 2018 and this could just be round two, and an even bigger disaster than the first.

When so much money is sloshing around the world printed by the US govt and all governments for that sake, little scrutiny takes place as the illusion tends to blind the human mind. It seems the US treasury has no regard for where a lot of the dollars printed actually go. As long as they “appear” to be doing something positive, no one wants to look.

There are a few mouth pieces questioning the status quo, but when the appearance of big profits seems obvious, those voices are drowned out by the weight of numbers, and no one wants to listen because that would mean admitting they were all wrong. Humans don’t like to even think we are wrong, let along admit it, let alone admit it publicly. Better off seeing your time out and letting things fall over on the watch of someone else.

As for the price of Bitcoin if you look at the chart above you’ll see how this bull shit stable coin has pushed the price of Bitcoin up and up. So the illusion of Bitcoin leading the market up and down, just isn’t so. It’s been manipulated higher by Tether entering the market each time it starts to fall. Look and learn my friends. Bitcoin, Binance and Tether combined are a ticking time bomb. And they will explode. They can’t not. The writing’s on the wall. It’s just a matter of time. I can’t say when but it could be at any time.

So what will happen when the crypto market dies? It will be painful for a lot of people but it is necessary. As in my article that the crypto market is still in a giant bubble, when it pops it’s going to fall back to earth with terminal results.

The approaching collapse will have some positive end results. As what happened after the dot com crash, all the companies with no firm footings will vanish and only the real, and good cryptos will survive. Only six companies survive today from the thousands that were part of the dot com boom in 2,000. The same needs to happen with cryptos.

Only projects with true potential, real promise and a road to success, coupled with enough funding, will come out the other side of this. Sure their price will be smashed along with everyone else. But that’s exactly when you buy into the market. At the bottom and this aint the bottom. Only then may we start to see a market that acts the way a market should. Priced by value not hype, bullshit, crime, ignorance and wishful thinking.

For the vast amount of owners of cryptos, instead of holding on hoping for a return to the good times, my advice is to get out now and sit on the side lines and do nothing.

When the market flat lines is when you re enter to buy good companies, at the bottom. Because they will be dragged down along with everyone else. They are still good companies. Their price will fall to bargain basement levels. They will survive the crash. That’s when you buy back into this market. The good companies, at the bottom.

That’s how I made a chunk post GFC and a greater chunk on the crypto market. that’s how you can make money too. I don’t trade all the time. Only in the most opportunistic periods. I buy at the bottom and sell at a huge profit then just wait for the next price or market crash.

It’s all about “timing”, not “time in”. Don’t believe that lie that you can’t time markets. Rubbish! Of course you can. I can. Am I just an illusion? I’m a very successful trader. And hope, or that ridiculous acronym HODL, I hate that term, and anyone who mentions that to me is not someone I want to know. It stands for Hold On for Dear Life. In other words, the ships sinking, so just hold on and hopefully it won’t.

Seriously! In markets, there is no one to rescue you. You will lose all your money if you believe that crap. And especially don’t just hope. hey, here’s a tip.. hope is not a strategy. If you find yourself “hoping” and worried, you shouldn’t be in the markets full stop. You need to learn how to trade and not just guess and hope.




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I’ll take you to greatness-affiliate marketer-self development

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