I told him I didn’t know how to swim

And what followed is probably the strongest opening line I’ve heard in a while …

“Don’t worry, even if you don’t know how to swim, there’s a simple technique I’ll show you now, That you can use to learn how to swim properly in 30-mins, even if this is your first time… And you don’t have anything to fear. Just free your mind and enjoy your swimming, okay? Nothing will happen to you as long as I’m here. Feel free… okay?”

This guy .. (my swimming instructor) … was saying those words with so much confidence…

I was tempted to think he was full of BS

Turned out he wasn’t

Because in less than 30-minutes…

I was already swimming (something I’d never done before. )

Sure enough, not like a pro…

And definitely not as good as Michael Phelps

But good enough to understand how to suspend my body inside water … and at least swim a little.

Which is what I wanted

Not bad for day one.

More on what I took away from my swimming lesson over the weekend

But first, let’s talk about…

The beauty of this guy’s technique for taking amateurs from…

Zero to swimming w/confidence in under 30-mins

In 3 simple steps, he showed me everything I needed to know … to achieve my goal of learning how to swim on day 1


Start by trying to suspend your body inside water, holding your breath… (do this 5x)

Just free your mind and your body

Don’t make any effort

You’ll see how easy and simple this is.

Start using your legs to push forward (also 5x)

Now, what you should do is open and close your legs

But wide and in an upward motion…

This way, your body stays suspended in the water and you’re also moving too

Now, you can use your hands (full-circle motion)

This is to complement the movement of your legs

Helps you move faster

And a very simple way to do it is to move your hands almost as soon as you’re moving your legs..

Or together…

And the way he explained and demonstrated each step?

Very easy to understand (even for a total novice like me)

Plus… he made sure to allay my fears too

Telling me in between the laps…

“Don’t worry my man, just feel free & focus on enjoying your swimming, forget about everything else, for now at least”

It worked superbly well.

Today, I can at least say I know how to swim (I can)

And perhaps…

There’s a few things to take away from this email

But there’s 1 in particular I’d like to point out.

I can sum it up in two simple words:

Singular focus.

That’s probably all my swimming instructor wanted from me

And if I had been thinking about something else while I was trying to learn how to swim…

If my attention had been divided

If I was worried sick that I’d drown…

The natural result woulda been “scattered focus”

Which almost always leads to haphazard results

Or no results at all

As you might guess…

This isn’t just about swimming alone

This stuff about singular focus (a key branch of mindset), applies to everything else.

Including the stuff you’ve (knowingly or unknowingly), been attracting into your life, through your dominant thoughts

That is, the stuff you’re almost always focused on

Or almost always thinking about…

Probably not as clear as I hoped

But in my next email… (or the one after that…)

I’ll tell you a simple story from my childhood

To give you a real-life example of how you can:

Use the power of singular focus to create the life you want

Even if you weren’t born to rich parents

Even if you weren’t a straight-A student in school

Even if you don’t practice religion or believe in God

Even if the last few years have been a constant struggle

And even if everyone around you thinks you’re a failure

Or that you’re wasting your life while your mates are busy making progress with their own lives…

It’s a story you might relate to…

But hopefully, when you read that email

It gives you a little nudge in the right direction..

And sets you on the path to living the life you’ve always wanted (regardless of your current circumstances)



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