I’m thinking of publishing my first book next year

It’s the kind of book I’ve always wanted to write

And contrary to the expectations of the righteous…

There will be things about sex, women, drugs, one-night stands, mind control, strippers, working with a WAG, travelling, sexual escapades with foreign women, death, rebirth, midnight conversations with the dead…

And more.

I’m still not sure what the title will be

But as with almost everything I write…

It will be unfiltered

And as such…

Might not be the kind of book you want in your library (if you’re easily offended or if you’re so self-righteous, you kent stand the polluted words of a godless heathen)

That said:

If there are things you’d love to see in this book…

Things.. (or something) about my personal experience in life that you’ve always hoped I’d talk about… (outside Copywriting and making money online)

Feel free to reply this email and let me know what it is

If it’s something I’m comfortable sharing (and there’s a lot of stuff I’m comfortable sharing…)

I’ll be happy to include it in the book (in a Q & A section where I’ll put your initials (discreet) side-by-side your question, and then include my answer under)

Also, I’ll try not to make it a volumnous book

I’m imagining 10 chapters or less

But I’ll try to make every paragraph count

And by now…

You can guess it won’t be a book about Copywriting

There’s already a ton of high-value info on the topic from lots of legendary Copywriters I hold in high esteem

Instead, it will be a book about my journey through life

Along with some of the things I’ve learned thus far..

As an evolving human, writer, lover

Got something (outside Copywriting and making money online) that you’d love to see in this book?



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Edward Eni

Edward Eni


The Mediocrity Slayer | Creating that ripple effect of awareness and positivity | Spreading knowledge to help others get their mind and their lives right.