On wednesday evening…

I was speaking with my man Matt Bockenstette

(…Of Copy Legends, to which Gary Bencivenga, Drayton Bird, David Deustch etc.. + dozens of A-level Copywriters, are all happily subscribed)

And during our video call…

I casually mentioned how I write my emails

Now, I’ll be the first person to tell you it’s not the coolest email strategy in the world…

Nor is it something worth modelling…

But here’s how it works for me:

When it comes to writing emails to my list

I never really know what I’m going to say…

Or how I’m going to say it…

Until I sit on my desk — and open a new draft on my ESP (email service provider… Aweber)

So nothing is ever pre-meditated

Or well thought out…

I simply write on impulse.

Whatever comes to mind

Or said differently….

Whatever ‘s on top my mind in that moment

Like I’m doing right now.

And mostly….

Literally everything I say is channelled through the predominant emotion I’m experiencing in that moment…

Which explains why, sometimes….

It looks like I’m the happiest person on earth

Sharing something very timely and relatable

Or sometimes…

The saddest, talking about my life…

Or sometimes,

Seemingly wise, sharing a story from my past (with morals)

And then on the other hand…

There are days when you read my emails…

And there’s just so much venom…

So much bad blood…

So much anger…

You start to wonder if my parents really took the time to give me any proper home training (they did)

But it’s just one of the cons (is it even a con?) you can expect

…When you write like this (on impulse…)

And as I mentioned earlier…

It’s probably not a strategy worth modelling… (I don’t even think it deserves to be called a strategy to start with…)

But here’s something:

A benefit worth considering:

Writing this way means much of what I say in my emails comes straight from my gut…

And in a sense…

It helps me connect more with my readers…

Because almost on a daily basis…

I get heartwarming replies from some of my readers who often say something like:

“Thank you for this… It came just at the right time, but how are you often able to address something I’m already thinking about?” Are you a mystic or something… ?”

I’m not sure about being a mystic

But I think a major part of that is because I write on impulse…

What my subconscious mind feeds me in that moment

Or shall I call it my muse?

Whatever the case…

These frequent replies kinda make me feel like I have a real, honest-to-God relationship with my readers….

And for me…

That’s all that matters

Perhaps, you could try it sometime..

Just write on impulse… (from your gut)

Then see if it rocks your boat… or not.




I’ll take you to greatness-affiliate marketer-self development https://askedwardeni.com.ng

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I’ll take you to greatness-affiliate marketer-self development https://askedwardeni.com.ng

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